FAQs About Our Scottsdale Sprinkler Repair & Installation Service

Can a sprinkler system conserve water? Broken sprinkler pipe requires repairs

Yes. It can effectively use the water and this can conserve more. You are also watering effectively and not wasting water on the sidewalk or other areas that do not need water.

What is your staff strength and how soon can you respond to emergencies?

We have staff on call all the time and offer emergency services. With our promise to deliver a fast and reliable service, your problems will be resolved quickly.

What qualifies your company to repair sprinklers in Scottsdale, AZ?

We are licensed and all of our technicians are fully trained. We have been repairing and installing sprinklers in Scottsdale for years, so you can be sure of our professional expertise.

I have a home and a business. Can you do both jobs?

Yes. We do commercial jobs and single family home jobs as well. To us, no job is too small or too big.

What brand names do you use?

No brand wins for every class of equipment, but if you want us to recommend reliable brands to you, we will be ready for it. Likewise, if you want us to repair your sprinkler system with a branded product you already have, we are always happy to do it.

Are your repairs guaranteed?

Our sprinkler repair contractors in Scottsdale are always careful to do their jobs right the first time, but rarely unforeseen consequences will cause problems. If that happens, we always work with the customer to make things right again.

Will you repair any sprinkler system?

New pop up sprinkler head installation in Scottsdale Arizona

Yes. As long as the system is able to be repaired and not too far gone to be repaired.

Are we covered if one of your employees is injured at our home?

Yes. We are fully insured and we retain responsibility. We can show you copies of our policies if you wish.

Are your technicians professional?

Yes. You can trust them on this. They show up on time and treat your home or any other place they are working with respect.

What is your service area?

It depends on the job. For short notice sprinkler or drip irrigation services, we'll service Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, and Paradise Valley. For larger jobs and installations, we'll travel to additional areas. To learn more, call and speak with one of our irrigation specialists today.

Have More Questions? Call a Sprinkler Repair Pro!

We're always happy to answer your questions, walk you through your irrigation options, schedule a time for an on-site bid, or provide the quick, reliable service you expect. Call our Scottsdale irrigation repair & installation team today and you'll be glad you did!